Monday, February 14, 2011

Upcoming change: Realtime stock quote from Google

In recent days, Yahoo quotes system failed to deliver company names. It used to be just a truncated, sometimes useless quip, but now it's sometimes filled, sometimes empty. So while researching the next step, I came across a simple undocumented Google service.

If you care, it's going to based on the following link:

I expect to have the next version by the end of the week (when I get time to program, release and publish).



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  2. It doesn't works to specify market. If you want Euronext Paris stock EPA:ALU
    you get instead, the NYSE stock.

    How it is possible to specify the market to this API???

    1. If you select non real-time quotes in options, then quotes are downloaded from Yahoo!Finance instead of google. In yahoo you can specify the stock exchange, if it works on yahoo, it should work on Free-Stocks-Ticker. For example: ALU.PA