Thursday, November 7, 2013

Version 1.8.7


* Revert framework to .net 3.5 (was accidently "upgraded" to v4 by visual studio 2012). This resolves the feeds not showing up issue for windows 7 systems.
* Fix top-most setting for Windows 8 systems, and generally makes this functionality faster and safer.



  1. Is there a way to make this non-scrolling?
    I used google desktop with their stock gadget until it died earlier this month. I was able to just set it up on the right side of my desktop, no scrolling. I like this format as it is less distracting. Since nothing is moving, i can just glance over at all of the stocks at once, rather than having to search through a streaming series of symbols, names, and numbers.

    1. Perhaps future versions.. for now you can set it to scroll really slow, and hover over to slow even further. A non moving "ticker" would require some more development